Thursday, April 10, 2008

St. Ursula's Academy and Daisy's Heroes

Daisy and I travelled to St. Ursula's Academy in Toledo, Ohio this week to visit the two-time champions of the Head of the Cuyahoga (and winners of the Chris Ernst/A Hero for Daisy trophy) as well as the rest of the fabulous St. Ursula's community.

After a screening of A Hero for Daisy, Daisy read her prepared speech, which she practiced several times without prompting, to about 700 girls - telling them that she was very glad to miss two days of school. She also told the girls that they made her believe that she could do anything.

That afternoon, we attended the christening of St. Ursula's brand new Resolute eight, a fine fast racing shell, which the team had voted to name "DAISY'S HEROES."

I was so moved by the naming... and decided that I needed to bring my 15 year old bottle of champagne which I had been given at the Olympic Games. The bottle had the Olympic Rings - and for 15 years had been stored at the back of my refrigerator.

I had been waiting for a perfect time to open that bottle. And as far as I was concerned, there was no better time to uncork that baby - than over a boat named for Daisy's newest heroes.

The St. Ursula's community was so remarkable. The girls were funny and smart and vivacious and grounded. They make Toledo proud.

Thank you to Cindy Dana, to St. Ursula's, and to the City of Toledo - for making us feel so welcome. This was an event that Daisy and I will remember forever. Click here for fabulous coverage by The Toledo Blade.