Thursday, December 4, 2008

Little Old Lady with Baseball Bat

You can not make this stuff up. This week's gold star has to go to 86 year old Sonia Paine.

Jonathan Saltzman, in yesterday's Boston Globe, wrote about the recent death of 92 year old Nick George Montos, the oldest prison inmate in Massachusetts, who at various times in his life, ended up on the FBI's Most Wanted List (mostly for armed robbery).

Montos had the misfortune of trying to rob Sonia Paine's Brookline Massachusetts antiques store in 1995 - at the age of 79. When he took out his gun, Sonia put on her glasses, assuming that he wanted to have it appraised. She was initially perplexed when he insisted on tying her up. Paine, who was 73 at the time, wriggled herself free - threw down the silent alarm, and then grabbed a baseball bat (which presumably she had handy for this sort of occasion).

Poor Nick George Montos, who was kneeling in front of the safe. He never saw it coming.

Paine, a grandmother of 6, was quoted as saying: "I wish he'd come in again. I'd beat the hell out of him."

See - life just doesn't stop after the age of 70...

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BetsyG said...

You missed the best part of this story—about how some crazy bleeding heart (not all bleeding hearts are crazy) wanted him to live out his last days in comfort. Brilliant. I went on a little rant about it here, after all the talk about Dimetapp and red velvet cake: