Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lenny Clarke

I am still grinning from my celebrity encounter the other day. Which made me an even bigger fan of comedian Lenny Clarke (in Rescue Me, Fever Pitch) since bumping into him at LaGuardia airport.

As I was waiting for my shoes to come thru the security scanner (and wondering if they would notice the bottle of shampoo I had forgotten to take out and put in a little plastic baggie), I noticed a man in a Fever Pitch jacket to my right - and knew he was from Boston. I was also thinking - hmmm - I wonder how that guy got that nice piece of Farrelly Brothers swag... when I saw his face.

"Lenny?" I stuck out my hand and introduced myself - and immediately he was asking, hey - you're from Boston? What are you doing here in New York? Hey, hon, that is a great jacket - where'd you get that? What do you do? What are you working on? It was like I had bumped into my uncle.

I was also struck by the fact that he was a man of the people. No pretense. He is who he is.

And that he flew coach.

I love that.

Rock on, brother.


Emily said...

Lenny is an awesome guy - he donates his time and his glittering personality to host a fundraiser each year for AccessSports America - a wonderful charity helping kids with disabilities do things like windsurf on the Charles. Thanks for this story of him.

Mary Mazzio said...

Emily - thanks for your comment. Am familiar with AccessSports America - a terrific charity.

All the best