Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009 SRAA Champions - St. Ursula's strikes again.

Congratulations to my favorite high school rowing team, St. Ursula's Crew, from Toledo Ohio, which captured the gold medal this year at the SRAA National Championships held in Princeton, New Jersey.

The eight rowed the 1500 meter course - fast and furiously in their boat, named DAISY'S HEROES, a reference to A Hero for Daisy, which was christened a couple of years ago by none other than the real Daisy. Capturing yet another piece of hardware to bring back to Todelo, St. Ursula's Crew is grinning in the photo above with coach Neil McElroy.

However, a special moment occurred moments after their win. Krysten French, a 12th grader, was the coxswain of this boat all season. However, a SRAA rule change concerning age prevented Krysten from competing - and rather than wallow in self-pity, she graciously handed the tiller over to junior Taylor McCollum, cheering and shouting herself hoarse for her team.

In an extraordinary gesture after the race, Taylor handed her championship gold medal over to her friend, Krysten French - - an act of remarkable generosity, compassion, and sportsmanship.

A true hero for Daisy.

Congratulations to Taylor, Krysten, Hollis Dana, Emma Miler, Megan Bodie, Tiffany Carnicom, Maggie Peatee, Erin Sheehan, Paige Myers, and Elyse Kortier.


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