Monday, September 10, 2007

A Hero for Daisy - Redux and Michael Vick

My friend, Eric Hamilton, a producer in New York, just sent me an email informing me that the 2003 Colby College women's rowing team (which won the NCAA Championships that year), each had their NCAA Championship rings inscribed with the phrase "dream a little... sweat at lot.." (the tagline from A Hero for Daisy).

I was not aware of this - - but am deeply touched. A shout out to Colby Crew.

On other notes, Lemonade Stories will be screening in the UK this fall - details to follow.

Finally - I have been thinking long and hard about the indictment of Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcon's quarterback, partly because our good friend, Arthur Blank (owner of the Falcons), was profiled in Lemonade Stories.

Pit-bull fighting is barbaric, particularly the methods used to train the animals - and although Vick has not yet been found guilty, Roger Goddell's decision to suspend Michael Vick from the National Football League was probably the right thing to do. There is never an excuse to victimize and beat a dog.

My hope is that the Commissioner will react with the same urgency and with similar sanctions, even if not yet found guilty, the next time a player victimizes and beats a woman.

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